Feedback from folks who have experienced sessions with me:

"I hobbled to my first appointment with Susan Miller. An hour later, I walked smoothly to my car. In the months since, I put away my cane, began long walks, and started dancing. Learning to move with heightened awareness helps me release my crippling fears about back pain and Multiple Sclerosis and just see what I can do. It turns out I can do much more than anyone, including me, dared to dream! The joy in re-discovering one’s body must be experienced to be believed. I would call Susan a miracle worker were it not that she teaches practical techniques that anyone can apply."
Janet Hathaway, Attorney

"It is incredible how different one’s body feels after an hour of gentle movement on the floor. I have problems with both my feet and after an hour of practicing a particular movement, I felt grounded for the first time in years. Susan is both gentle and effective like the movements she teaches."
Marie LaPrade, Registered Nurse

"I've been taking your class for almost a year and a half. It has really become an important piece of my staying/becoming fit program. I’ve experienced several physical complications recently and it is the only practice except for meditation that I can continue throughout the acute recovery phases. I also experience significant easily observable body realignments after almost every class. I am addicted! Susan, you are an incredible teacher and so caring both inside and outside of class! I am learning so much about my body. Thank You."
Barbara Lambert, MFT

"I have studied with several teachers all of whom are highly regarded in the field and Susan is among the best. Susan brings her RN experience to her Feldenkrais work. She understands anatomy and how it applies to healing. But more than that she has a deep sense what is going on with you. Her touch is sensitive and mirrors what is going on with me. She is gentle and confident. My experience in Susan's ATM classes and individual Functional Integration Lessons have been transformational. Areas that were stuck are now healthy. I learned skills that help me to unwind as I'm going through the day. My jaw and chest are more open and as an added bonus I don't get the nagging laryngitis and colds that used to plague me. My joints and muscles are stronger and more stable so I continue hiking in the Trinity Alps, camping and playing. I highly recommend Susan's work."
Ravn Miller RN

Susan has been working with me for several years as a private student.  I have had severe back pain (stenosis and degenerative arthritis).  She has helped me learn how to move and balance more efficiently and less painfully. She is a warm and compassionate teacher who listens carefully.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how all parts are connected.  I have learned to imagine the physical and brain connections to more clearly understand how to make my body "work" better.

 Jill Ballard


Health is measured not by the capacity to stay standing but by the ability to be knocked down and then return to standing. Moshe Feldenkrais